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Principles of Responsible Wealth

At the Institute of Responsible Wealth, we help individuals on their journey

to build, maintain and protect Responsible Wealth.  When you go on a trip

you create an itinerary so you can get the most out of your trip. On the

Responsible Wealth journey, we use these principles as our guide.


1. Responsible Wealth is not just about money, it’s about life.


2. Make educated financial plans, not emotional ones.


3. Understand the difference between real assets and liabilities (deferred assets).


4. Learn to identify correlated versus non-correlated assets.


5. Manage your cash flow by focusing on efficiency.


6. You are your greatest asset.


7. Protect your assets responsibly to lessen your risk.


8. Business planning for an entrepreneur is personal planning. Enjoy & protect your life’s work.


9. Implement wealth replacement strategies to fully utilize and enjoy assets.


10. Leave a legacy of your choosing. Not one of default.

Where are you on the journey to Responsible Wealth?

Building wealth is a journey. Everyone is in a different place on the path. Regardless of where you are, we can help. Take our self-assessment to learn where you are. Check the boxes that apply to you.

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