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5 Wealth Building Blocks


We are here to help you on your journey to a life of Responsible

Wealth. The Wealth Building Blocks create the foundation of our

program. We recognize that everyone will have unique and

personal views for each of these blocks.


We have identified 5 Wealth Building Blocks



  • Faith & Spirituality = Peace

  • Family & Friends = Love

  • Health & Fitness = Energy

  • Purpose & Career = Fulfillment

  • Finances & Money = Freedom



Responsible Wealth is achieved when each of these areas in your life are balanced and aligned.


At the Institute of Responsible Wealth, we will help you focus on your whole life, not just money. When any one of these blocks is empty or misaligned, it impacts the other areas of your life. You look to fill that void, sometimes with addictive or destructive behavior or just a new pair of shoes. Your actions have consequences.


When you create balance and purpose across these 5 areas, you will be on your way to Enjoying Life, Building Wealth and Creating a Legacy.

"A Journey of a thousand miles starts with one step." LAO-TZU

Select a Financial Wellness 

Program that Works for You

With the rapid pace of change in the world, you can’t afford to waste time, and you can’t afford to leave others responsible for your life or financial well-being. You have to take the time to understand the game, know the rules, and move ahead strategically if you expect to win. The game is constantly changing. You have to change too, from a casually involved participant, to the captain of your team.


The mission of the Institute of Responsible Wealth is to help you discover, build, and share a life of true wealth and meaning. We have created our Responsible Wealth Program to help you identify, align and balance these 5 Wealth Building Blocks in your life.


Our coaches take a holistic approach and work with you to:


  • Set a Goal – What do you want to accomplish?

  • Define a Purpose – Why do you want to accomplish your goal?

  • Set a Time Frame – When do you want to accomplish your goal?

  • Create and Implement a Plan – How are you going to achieve your goal?

  • Stay on track – How are you coached to a successful out come?


Select what works best for you 


  • Monthly Coaching Calls

  • Quarterly Advisory Round Tables with Guest Advisors

  • Quarterly Business Owner Round Tables

  • Semi-Annual Financial Wellness Symposium


As part of the IRW Financial Wellness Program, you will automatically receive:

  • IRW Monthly Newsletter

  • Access to our IRW Community Access Program 




To view our calendar of monthly events, click here.


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